10 practical tips to calm down & boost your mood

10 practical tips to calm down & boost your mood

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I feel qualified to write this article because I lose my cool on a daily basis and somehow always manage to wake up the next morning with both children still living.

There are loads of things we can do to benefit our mental and physical health long-term, but what about those moments when the kids/life just gets the best of you and you’re either reduced to tears or ready to pull your hair out and scream so loud the neighbours think there’s a massacre in the neighbourhood.

Try these 10 quick tips to get you out of your funk

1. 10 Breaths in & out

Take your focus off the problem for a moment and tune in to your breath. Put your hand on your belly and breathe in deep so that you can feel your belly rise and fall. Here’s a quick YouTube video for Deep Breathing exercises to get you started.

2. Drink a glass of water

Another sneaky tip to distract your mind. Get up, stretch your legs and walk to the kitchen to enjoy a full glass of nice, cold water. If you have enough melt downs in a day at least you’ll be getting your 8 glasses – WINNING!

3. Write out the problem

Grab a notepad and pen and write ‘till your heart’s content. Write down the problem, use it to vent and once you’re done you can either burn it as a symbolic gesture of releasing the negativity, or you can use it for number 8 on the list

4. Stop & smell the oils

We don’t live off of essential oils, but we do enjoy having them around the house. My favourite scent is Vetiver and you’ll usually find me applying it to my wrists and belly button of a morning or evening. This helps me feel centred and grounded. Here are the best essential oils for stress and anxiety according to Mind Body Green.

5. Phone a friend

We all need a bit of a vent every now and then. Who better to listen to all your swears than your fellow Mum-friends? Sometimes all we need is a sympathetic ear to hear us and validate our concerns. Afterwards shake it off and talk about something that makes you both smile.

6. Enjoy a cuppa

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated sometimes the best thing you can do is step away from the problem (yes, even if it’s the kids) and find a few moments of peace. Put the kettle on to boil and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, everything else can wait.

7. Be superwoman

Studies have shown that posing like a superhero can actually boost your mood and confidence as referenced in this TED talk. Head up to the bathroom mirror and strike a pose!

8. Make a plan

The thing that helps me most when I’m in this position is to plan a solution. If you’ve written down your problems go back and reflect on them, what was the trigger? What caused you to get to this point? Once you’ve figured out the source of the issue you can work backwards to find a solution and avoid it for next time

9. Eat some chocolate

Stick with the healthy stuff, my favourite is Salted Caramel Swayzee by Loving Earth, it’s dairy free, gluten free, soy free and processed sugar free. You’ll want to hide in the cupboard for this one so the kids (and husband) don’t devour it.

10. Adult colouring

Adult colouring never use to interest me until hubby bought this home as a joke one day. It gave me a giggle and I realised how calming colouring actually is. The best part is you can give the kids their own books (minus the swears hopefully) to colour and turn it into a family activity.

If you’re really in a fix and you’ve got no support, head over to our Instagram and let’s chat – I’m always willing to listen to a Mum in need (of a glass of wine).

Lea Sharp is a content creator and hot mess Mum in Brisbane, QLD. As a tired Mum of 3, Lea is a passionate advocate for maternal mental health and helps like-minded Mums make life that little bit easier through The Cold Coffee Tribe, a lifestyle website for everyday Mums.

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