Affiliate Disclosure

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Advertising and Product Placement

The Cold Coffee Tribe’s primary purpose is to make a Mum’s life easier, so all content will always be free for you to access and enjoy. When you’re scrolling through our Instagram feed, reading our newsletter, perusing the blog or watching a YouTube video you’ll likely come across mentions of products and links. This isn’t me being spammy or trying to sign you up to the latest pyramid scheme (pinky promise guys!), but it is how The Cold Coffee Tribe turns a profit.

Before the links and products are added to The Cold Coffee Tribe’s content, I have a long hard think about whether I’m doing the right thing by you and the rest of the community. What are the brand’s values? Is the product safe and reliable? Does it cost a freaking fortune? Would this make someone’s life easier? And would I use this product around my own home?

The Cold Coffee Tribe works with brands to advertise their products in a few different ways including;

  • Affiliate links

An affiliate link is a unique link that leads to a product or service. When you purchase the product or service through this link the process and price are the same for you, but the company sends a small commission my way. Yay!

  • Product reviews

Sometimes I’ll come across a product that I love and feel the need to share with you and sometimes I’ll work with (and be paid by) a brand to try out their product and review it. I will always provide honest feedback, even if they offer me the big bucks 😉

  • Sponsored posts

Every now and then you’ll see a sponsored post pop up on The Cold Coffee Tribe socials. This might include a gifted product or a brand paying me to promote something to you, but again this only be done if it’s something I know you’ll want/need and love.

  • Discount codes

Brands are given the opportunity to offer special discount codes and exclusives to The Cold Coffee Tribe’s readers. I’m not paid for this and only offer it because I freakin’ love ya.

  • Giveaways

When a giveaway is hosted on The Cold Coffee Tribe we are working in partnership with a brand to bring something special to you. This may include a paid agreement, but it will always be free for you guys.

  • Collaborations

One of my favourite parts of the small business community is working on collaborations with other brands. This can happen in many different forms including working together to design or release a new product. Depending on the type of collaboration, this may be done for profit with both brands splitting the profit, simply to support another brand or even to raise funds for a not-for-profit organisation.